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10 Interesting Facts About Kim Tae Hee

Kim Tae Hee

Everything is (Jang) Ok (Jung)!

Currently starring in the drama, Jang Ok Jung, Lives In Love, Kim Tae Hee is an extremely popular Korean actress. Her most famous roles are in Love Story In Harvard and Iris. She also was in the classic Korean drama, Stairway to Heaven. Since Jang Ok Jung is ending soon, I’ve decided to dedicate this post to some interesting facts about the beautiful, smart, and talented, Kim Tae Hee:

1. Before her role in Jang Ok Jung, Kim Tae Hee did not like historical dramas and was only interested in the role because she enjoyed reading the script.

2. She’s currently in a stable relationship with Rain (Bi), the superstar and world renowned singer and producer.

Kim Tae Hee Rain Bi Dating

Kim Tae Hee and Rain lookin’ extra cute!

3. She was one tough cookie when she was younger and fought with her brother and the the other boys in the neighborhood.

4. She maintained perfect grades for three years in a row in middle school (she’s a smart cookie too!)

5. She hasn’t gotten plastic surgery before (allegedly), making her one of the few actresses without plastic surgery.

Kim Tae Hee No Makeup

It’s all real, baby.

6. Many Japanese citizens think that Kim Tae Hee hates Japan because she was seen handing out Dokdo related materials in Switzerland. (Dokdo is a group of small islands that’s a disputed area between Japan and Korea).

7. Her nickname in high school was “headbanger” because she would often drift off to sleep during class and her head would bob.

8. She went to Seoul University for a degree in Fashion Design.

9. Many people regard Kim Tae Hee as just a pretty face, but she has worked to try to improve her acting skills and abilities to counter this criticism.

10. Kim Tae Hee has mentioned that she likes childish, girly things, and is a hopeless romantic.


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ZE:A’s Hyungsik and Siwan Support Animal Charity for InStyle Pictorial

ZE:A‘s Hyungsik and Siwan have appeared in an animal filled pictorial for the “Love Actually” charity campaign of InStyle magazine. The two idols are supporting the protection of endangered animals as they pose with bears, penguins, cheetahs, flamingos and raccoon. Hyungsik matches the style of the penguins with his black and white suit. Siwan looks cute as he poses behind a cheetah. You can view their animal filled pictorial in the March issue of InStyle magazine.


Lovely Kim Tae Hee Models Dreams for Children Charity in InStyle Pictorial

The lovely Kim Tae Hee appears in the March issue of InStyle magazine for the “Love Actually” campaign to raise awareness about children with cancer. The title of her pictorial is “Shining Stars.” The actress appears in the magazine as a model, fashion designer, and dinosaur professor to replicate the dreams of some of the sick children in her charity.  Kim Tae Hee is surrounded by ice cream in this fun picture.


Kim Tae Hee Enjoys a Sunrise Over an Ocean

Actress Kim Tae Hee updated her Weibo with a picture of herself enjoying a pretty sunrise. On February 24, the actress shared a photo on her Weibo account and wrote, “I made resolutions when I saw the sun rise during Luna New Years…to make 2014 memorable! I hope everyone doesn’t forget the state of mind that we had during the New Years.” In the photo, Kim Tae Hee poses in front of a sun rise over an ocean.


キム・テヒ、ウェイボーで海辺で撮影した写真を公開 – KpopStarz 日本語版

キム・テヒは24日午前、自身のウェイボーに、「前の正月、夜中に、新年を迎えて日の出を眺めながら固めた決心をいつも覚えていられる2014年になりますように!皆さんも、新しい気持ち、新しい意味で始めた新年の心がけを忘れないように祈ります」と、新年のメッセージと共に、写真を投稿した。 キム・テヒは、日が昇る広々とした海を背景に、手すりにもたれて微笑みを浮かべている。ほぼすっぴんの顔に、黒のチェック模様のワンピースにさらりと羽織った白い上着がキム・テヒの純粋さをいっそう引き立てている。 キム・テヒの近況写真を手に入れたファン達は、「今度の作品は、いつですか?待ってます」「合いたいです」「ぱっと撮っただけなのに女神みたい」「どんな写真でも美人」などの反応を見せている。 © 2013 KpopStarz. All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without permission.

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Rain dan Kim Tae Hee Kencan di Taman Los Angeles – Republika Online

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, SEOUL — Peyanyi Korea Selatan, Bi Rain dan kekasihnya, Kim tae Hee terlihat melakukan kencan di satu taman di Los Angeles. Menurut saksi setempat, mereka terlihat di Six Flags Mountain dan terlihat bersenang-senang. Banyak penggemar keduanya yang melihat kehadiran mereka. Namun mereka tampaknya tidak peduli dengan orang-orang di sekitarnya dan menikmati hubungan layaknya pasangan non selebritas.


Rain Looks Chic in His “Rain Effect” Repackage Jacket Photo

Singer Rain recently revealed the jacket photo for his “Rain Effect” repackage album. In the photo, he is wearing a black fedora pulled down over his face, with a tall red turtleneck and some fancy jewelry. The “Rain Effect Special Edition” album, including the title song “I Love You,” will have other additional songs, giving it a style and character different from his regular 6th album. The new special edition, like the regular album, features songs written and composed by Rain himself, giving us another look into his own musical style and story.